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AI Scientist

2 года назад
30 сентября 2021

AIHunters is looking forward to being joined by a skilled and enthusiastic AI Scientist motivated to progress in the field of cognitive computing in media processing.

AIHunters build a human-like video perception system, extendable to any case from the media and entertainment industry. It operates as a virtual ‘robot’ intelligent enough to understand media patterns. And then decide upon video content on the scene level.

We are a team of AI Scientists, researchers, enablers who strive to make the world a better, more understandable place.

The candidate will be:

  • Working with and creating highly intellectual augmented intelligence systems

  • Researching the field of Computer Vision applications in media and entertainment domain

  • Working closely with Computer Vision algorithms in video processing

  • Applying DL, probabilistic AI, math modeling/algorithms, and other techniques to the computer vision field

  • Designing brain-inspired computer vision pipelinies for AI product development.

We are expecting a candidate:

  • With good theoretical and practical knowledge of the computer vision algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning in the field of computer vision (CNN, RNN, autoencoders, GAN)

  • Highly skilled in machine learning methods application

  • With an exceptional mathematical base (algebra, probability theory). Functional analysis proficiency will be a big advantage. Math faculties education is preferred

  • Python coding, Git , Ubuntu, DVC

  • Experienced in Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch, OpenCV

  • Able to conduct research autonomously and proactively (incl. studying math articles and applying the knowledge in practice)

  • Striving to develop solutions completely new to the market, to the industry and to the world.

We provide:

  • Creative and smart product team. Mentoring. Agile development

  • Opportunity to create highly innovative products

  • Bonuses, social programs, and compensations

  • Modern, comfortable office facility

  • Opportunities for flextime schedules and remote work

  • Relocation program.

Become a part of our stellar journey!

Lizaveta Belanovskaya

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