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GlobalLogic Ukraine — вакансія в Senior Data Engineer IRC183406
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Senior Data Engineer IRC183406

GlobalLogic Ukraine
3 місяця тому
20 червня 2023

GlobalLogic   is inviting an experienced   Data Engineer to   join our engineering team. 

Our customer is a multinational automotive company that designs, produces, and sells vehicles and related products worldwide—making a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and luxury vehicles under various brand names. The company is also involved in other areas, such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving technology, and mobility services. In recent years, our customer has been focusing on digital transformation and innovation to improve their products and services. This includes investments in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and connected car technology.

Within a project team, you will be involved in the investigation of the initial set of requirements and business use cases, designing the first version of data mart architecture, and implementing the PoC of one major business use case.


  • Having overall 10+ years of working experience with solid skills in machine learning using sci-kit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, and Spark MLLib. Experienced in building data pipelines for both batch and streaming workloads. 
  • Proficiency in big data engineering and analytics technologies such as Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark, PySpark, Google DataFlow, Apache Beam, HBase, Google BigTable, Google BigQuery, ElasticSearch, Apache Kafka, Azure Databricks, Azure ADF 
  • Deep knowledge of data engineering on Google       
    Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure    
  • Proficient in coordinating with Dev/QA teams, managing multiple tasks with competing deadlines, self-motivated, and a strong team player


The primary responsibility is to design, develop, maintain, and optimize an organization's data infrastructure. This includes building and maintaining data pipelines, creating ETL processes, designing and implementing data warehouses and databases, and ensuring the data infrastructure is scalable and efficient.

What Do We Offer?

We create an environment where everyone can fully realize their talents, freely share knowledge and experience, and create truly important things. Happy people create revolutionary products. We believe that we are able to change the world for the better — and we, as a company, help our specialists grow and be truly happy!

Various types of cooperation - comfortable office or remote collaboration from home  , opportunities for relocation - all depend on your preferences. We will support you at every stage of these processes and do our best to help you feel comfortable! 

Support of health and sports activities

We care about the physical and mental health of all specialists. Every specialist can choose the most relevant option for themselves:

  • Medical Insurance   - our partners provide our consultants with special health insurance packages, which include both doctor's visits and massage courses. Also, our specialists have special conditions for special insurance for loved ones, insurance during travel, and transport insurance.

  • Wellbeing Deposit   -     this deposit allows you to buy sports equipment for the home and uniform, go to the gym, etc. It is also possible to visit a psychologist, attend massages and spa treatments, and even subscribe to fitness applications for a mobile phone or online training related to physical and mental health.

Learning and professional development

You'll collaborate with — and learn from — award-winning designers and engineers through customer projects, hackathons, meetups, and more. Listen to the top speakers or be one of them - it's up to you! Moreover, we have various internal courses, programs, and opportunities to boost your skills.

Create more than just a code. Make an impact beyond the code

In today's world, software engineers create a better future for people and the planet. GlobalLogic's experts are contributing to this world right now in various projects: automotive, media, industrial, and healthcare.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We positively impact our communities by supporting education, the environment, and developing women in tech. 

For example, learn more about our    EcoHike    — a special app that makes the world cleaner! Not only our engineers, but tourists, eco-activists, and hiking fans are using it regularly to keep our nature clean and vital.

Technology first

Realize all your ideas within our internal tech clubs and communities. Feel free to find new friends, boost your skills, and grow professionally!

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